“Air Kills” - the first detailed report on the state of air pollution in Uttar Pradesh released.

“Air Kills” - the first detailed report on the state of air pollution in Uttar Pradesh released.


The Climate Agenda released UP’s first detailed report on the condition of air pollution in the state today at UP Press Club, Lucknow. It’s a part of 100 % UP Campaign. The report is based on air pollution data collected from 14 districts of Uttar Pradesh. The report was jointly released by Mr.  Sandeep Dahiya from Purpose Climate Lab, New Delhi, noted Social Activist Ms. Tahira Hasan, Mr. Pramil Dwivedi from Pragya International and Lead Campaigner of The Climate Agenda Ms. Ekta Shekhar. The report reveals data from different cities and districts from the state. As per WHO’s air quality standards, the report claims that entire state in undergoing health emergency situations and there is a need to take strong measures immediately. 

Briefing about the report, Ms. Ekta Shekhar said “the report is based on comparative study of the status of air pollution from 14 districts of Uttar Pradesh. Air Kills requires to identify sources of pollution and to strictly combat them. Also, the report compels us to ponder over transcending our combating efforts from urban boundaries.” She further adds “Air Kills tells us that air pollution is not limited to urban boundaries. As a result of limiting our present efforts to the urban spaces only, places like Gorakhpur and Mau have become more polluted that cities like Delhi and Lucknow (page 19 of the report)”. She also informs that Gorakhpur and Mau are two important districts in Uttar Pradesh as our present Chief Minister and Environment Minister belong to these districts respectively. “Hence, efforts should be expanded throughout the state”, Ms. Shekhar concluded.

Noted Social activist Ms. Tahira Hasan said “The report prepared under 100% UP Campaign clearly demands to expand the National Air Quality Monitoring (NAAQM) network throughout the state. At present, this NAAQM network is working only in seven cities of Uttar Pradesh whereas 90% of the state’s population remains unattended, in terms of rising air pollution. This is highly unjust when the general public is still fighting for its right to breathe clean air. The report backs civil society’s long time demand to immediately stop the discriminatory practices which place specific cities over rest parts of the country”.

Mr. Pramil Dwivedi, the Director of an NGO Pragya International said “The report Air Kills have found places to be more polluted which are not covered under any controlling measures. It is significant to see that districts belonging to our Chief Minister and environment Minister are also uncovered. This shows that a lot of effort needs to be made, if the state dreams to become clean.”

Sandeep Dahiya, Campaigner from Purpose Climate Lab said “The debate around rising toxicity in the ambient air is limited to certain parts of the country. Likewise, there are certain cities in Uttar Pradesh which have grabbed all attention so far. But, the report clearly indicates that neither air nor air pollution is limited to any specific boundaries or borders. Garbage burning and heavy diesel consumption is polluting the ambient air in Uttar Pradesh. Diesel Gensets, uncontrolled construction activities, bumpy and dusty roads, chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture, Thermal Power Plants and poor transport facilities have turned this whole state into a gas chamber.” He pushed forward the demand to implement the controlling measures effectively and throughout the state.

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Issued By

Ekta Shekhar

Lead Campaigner,

The Climate Agenda.


Date - 2018-03-26