100% Uttar Pradesh Campaign taught easy alternative of plastic

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·  100% Uttar Pradesh Campaign taught easy alternative of plastic

Today on eve of World Environment Day, The Climate Agenda under 100% UP Campaign organized a work lab at Ganga Ghat. During this campaign, volunteers and team members associated with this campaign showed common people to how to make paper bags in order to use as an alternative to avoid plastic. Procedures, how waste papers and old newspapers can be used in making paper bags and toys from home were taught and also people were requested to avoid and refuse plastic from their lifestyle. As plastic is harmful for environment as well as for human life, with this concept today in entire world Beat Plastic Pollution programs is being organized.

Briefing regarding objectives of the program, events secretariat Sania Anwar said,” We all aware with the environmental pollution being caused because of plastic. With interminable nature, plastic is hazardous for earth’s air-water and human life. Even after knowing it’s side effects, just for business profit and easy availability plastic has become dominating in our life-style. At Ganga Ghat under open sky, this worklab is being organized with the objective that people need to be taught an alternative to plastic  bags and toys so that waste paper and old newspapers from home can be used and we by ourself can create a solution for plastic.

In this program, chief guest Dr. Debobrat Lehri, teacher of Rajghat Besant School and senior environmental campaigner briefly discussed about pollution and problems being caused by plastic use.

Plastic has become hazardous for fertility factor of farming based arable lands. Because of excessive collection of plastic over land is disturbing the productivity factors of farming and along with it, excessive amount of plastics are also disturbing the water level which gets increased by rain. Survival zone of marine animals from ponds, rivers is also being drastically affected. Therefore, this workshop under open sky will definitely be proving effectively as a milestone in regard with environment conservation. In this program, students from Diksha Dance Academy performed on “ Mai Hawa hu”, “Kuch Kare Upaaay”, and “Plastic Tik Na Paye”. In this program, Sunil, Saurabh, Om Prakash, Chanda, Shefali, Vibha, Anand, Manish, Shruti, Sakshi, Pradeep, Sangeeta, Sonu, Mukesh Upadhyay, Dhananjay, Dr. Indu, Shahista, Neha, Priya, Muskaan, Unnati, Brijesh, Dheeraj, Ekta, Ravi etc. were mainly present.


Issued By 

Saniya Anwar, 

The Climate Agenda, Varanasi


Date - 2018-05-06