Ritesh Dwivedi
Social Media Campaigner
Ritesh serves The Climate Agenda as Social Media Campaigner. He holds Bachelor’s degree of B.SC. in Life Science and M.A. in Sustainable Rural Development. Ritesh is not only a social media strategist but digital communication specialist too. He creates strong social network for the organisation with objective of expanding campaigns viewership.
He manages adequate hashtags and captions for reaching more and more audiences with appealing posts and impressive approaches. Each day organisation’s social media pages get updated with qualitative posts which involves number of active audience around the world and their reaction towards climate change enables team to plan events for ongoing issues.
Ritesh always believes in simplifying things and circumstances. During his studies, he acted as environment activist, strategist and volunteership roles for number of event and then slowly migrated to Varanasi for his higher studies where he found his field of interest into social and environmental issues in spite of being from science background.
Apart from office work, Ritesh indulges himself into travelling, mountaineering, and reading articles. One can join him smilingly at any hours for cups of tea.